Not Anymore offers unparalleled flexibility. You select the modules that fit the needs of your campus.

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 Customizable Content

The new modular design of Not Anymore gives you unprecedented control over both the length and the content of the program. You can select primary modules that focus on content basics as well as secondary modules that reinforce those concepts and illustrate additional examples. Pre- and post-testing can also be customized by adding your own questions. It is the only program that allows you complete flexibility to create a program that best fits the needs of your students.

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(P) primary (S) secondary

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Consent/Sexual Assault (P)
  • 3. Consent/Sexual Assault (S)
  • 4. Rape Culture
  • 5. Bystander Intervention (P)
  • 6. Bystander Intervention (S)
  • 7. Verbal Defense (P)
  • 8. Verbal Defense (S)
  • 9. Alcohol (P)
  • 10. Alcohol (S)
  • 11. Dating/Domestic Violence (P)
  • 12. Dating/Domestic Violence (S)
  • 13. Healthy Relationships (P)
  • 14. Healthy Relationships (S)
  • 15. Sexual Harassment (P)
  • 16. Sexual Harassment (S)
  • 17.Stalking (P)
  • 18. Stalking (S)
  • 19. What to do